Billy Goat

Now in its 6th iteration, we've updated our Reverse Elliptical Sidecut design to incorporate small sections of straight sidecut within the effective edge, better blending the RES and improving edge hold and hardpack perfor-mance. The characteristics that define the Billy Goat remain - the ability to drive the ski when you want, smear the ski when you want, without tip drive, and without dumping speed.

Length cm: 174, 179, 184, 189
Shape mm: 141 / 116 / 125 (for 179cm skis)
Turning Radius m: 27.8 (for 179cm skis)

Charlie Murphy

Named after the famous cat of our founder, the Charlie Murphy represents ON3P's entrance into the junior ski market. Designed to be a true quiver of one, the Charlie Murphy takes design aspects from the Kartel series to provide kids (and parents) with one ski that can handle any conditions, any day, all season long. Tapered tips keep the weight down, while the carbon string-ers and bamboo core ensure it remains a high performance ski, through and through, regardless of the rider's age.

Length cm: 141, 151
Shape mm: 109 / 88 / 104 , 111 / 88 / 106
Turning Radius m: 14.5, 16.2

Jessie 98

Squarely hitting the sweet spot, the Jessie 98 is a versatile, poppy option that does right by any do-it-all skier. Elliptical rocker and elliptical sidecut offer smooth planing and a balanced turn that engages more the harder you lean on it, while an updated taper profile decreases hookiness and improves soft snow performance.

Length cm: 161, 171, 176
Shape mm: 126 / 98 / 120 (for 171cm skis)
Turning Radius m: 18.2 (for 171cm skis)

Kartel 98

The Kartel 98 returns as our tried and true option for mixing park performance into everything you can find under the lifts. Spins, butters, a bit of fresh snow or laying trenches down cordu-roy-this is your ride. An updated sidecut improves edge hold on hardpack and switch perfor-mance, while a new tip taper improves float and smooths the transition between turns.

Length cm: 161, 171, 176, 181, 186
Shape mm: 126 / 98 / 120 (for 176cm skis)
Turning Radius m: 19.5

Kartel 108

The Kartel 108 offers what we believe to be the best everyday ride for left coast skiers looking for a playful quiver-of-one. Park, pow, crud, hardpack - this ski will do it all. Incorporating years of design into one ski, this is the ski you will find ON3P employees skiing every day

Length cm: 171, 176, 181, 186, 191
Shape mm: 134 / 108 / 128 (for 176cm skis)
Turning Radius m: 20.9 (for 176 skis)

Kartel 116

The Kartel 116 incorporates previous Jeffrey design into an updated, freshly-tuned option for the wider ski market. Deep days, powder landings, and pillow lines are the name of the game. A modified tip taper improves tracking through variable snow and decreases swing weight, while enhancing float by pushing more width into the forebody of the ski.

Length cm: 176, 181, 186, 191
Shape mm: 142 / 116 / 134 (for 181cm skis)
Turning Radius: 24.1 (for 181cm skis)


ON3P is proud to present the Magnus. Developed by Magnus Graner over the past year, the Magnus sets the new standard for rockered park skis. Its new sidecut design rides better both forward and switch, while its rounder, more playful flex makes butters and carves easier and more fun.

Length cm: 161, 171, 176, 181, 186
Shape mm: 119 / 90 / 115 (dimensions for 176cm ski)
Turning Radius m: 18.3 (for 176cm ski)

Wrenegade 98

The Wrenegade 98 is our most versatile daily driver. An updated rocker profile improves float in soft snow while the thinner waist ensures solid edge hold in any conditions.

Length cm: 174, 179, 184, 189
Shape mm: 127 / 98 / 117 (for 179cm skis)
Turning Radius m: 23.4 (for 179cm skis)

Wrenegade 108

The Wrenegade 108 remains the big gun - stability and speed is the name of the game, but a new rocker provides the best float and maneuverability of any Wrenegade to date.

Length cm: 179, 184, 189
Shape mm: 138 / 108 / 126 (for 184cm skis)
Turning Radius m: 27.5 (for 184cm skis)

Reach out to us at 406-587-4595 with any questions you might have.