Chalet Sports Junior Lease Program


Our new program for Junior Lease this coming ski season is very exciting. We are introducing our Lil' Ripper and Big Ripper packages for the 19/20 season. This program will be broken down by size of the ski. The Lil' Ripper program ski lengths are 67cm-136cm and with boot and pole our package price will be $149.95. With our new Big Ripper program the lengths will be 138cm-158cm and will consist of a wider 80mm, wood core twin tip ski. This package with boots and poles will be $199.95. We will also have product available individually. New or Used boot and New or Used ski. Get your kids set up in the best gear for this upcoming Ski Season at Chalet Sports.

Need a new helmet for your child? Or a New ski outfit?

This Ski Season is upon us and we will be moving through the Junior Lease program fast. So bring your Lil' Rippers in and have a GREAT SKI SEASON!!!